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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Enjoy nice scene of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is not only the beauty of a city, but also the beauty of a tropical archipelago made up of 236 islands and islets and rocky outcrops. It has many interesting destinations for Hong Kong tour or a weekend picnic.

Besides the crowded beauty of the buildings, Hong Kong also has the beauty of the large, quiet space in the area far from the city..
Enjoy nice scene of Hong Kong
The Dragon trail on the top of the mountain looks like the spine of a sleeping red dragon in the shady forest at Shek O Country Garden. This is the longest walking trail in Hong Kong.
Enjoy nice scene of Hong Kong
This photo is from the 100th floor of the tallest Sky Building in Hong Kong. Victoria Harbor has 118 international trade center towers here.
Enjoy nice scene of Hong Kong
The 34-meter-tall Buddha Shakyamuni Buddha statue on Lantau Island is surrounded by lush forested mountains. Here the steps are 268 steps up the temple.

 Tai Lan National Park covers an area of ​​5.412 ha, the second largest in Hong Kong, after the Garden of Southern Lantau. Tai Lam was built after World War 2.

The peaceful Kowloon Park is located at the busiest of Tsim Sha Tsui wharves, formerly the British Army area and in 1970 it became a park.
The Wan Chai area near Hong Kong's central business district offers lively living with outdoor markets, tramways, and interstate architecture.

Sai Wan wooden pier is the last wharf to go to Hong Kong jutting into the sea, located in the west of the island. Today, the pier does not often pick up the boat landing berth but a place for visitors to bathe the main.

The Cape D'Aguilar Lighthouse, built in 1875, is located on the Shek O Peninsula, the oldest and the last lighthouse in Hong Kong. 

The Alfresco restaurant is located in the traditional Central region, almost absent from Hong Kong. There are currently about 30 such restaurants that do not apply for a license with plastic tables and chairs and spices on the table.

The Asia Society Hong Kong is a high rise building with natural green slopes, formerly home to the British Army in the 19th century. Today, it is a cultural and intellectual center.

Shek O Village on the seafront of the same name is located south of Big Wave Bay, near the Dragon Mountain Trail. Hong Kong Tourism, visitors can play surfing here.

Tsing Ma Bridge connects Tsing Yi and Ma Wan Islands, which is 1,377 meters long, the second longest bridge in the world, built in 1997, and now is the 9th longest suspension bridge in the world.

The Ung Kong Island Group, which consists of three small islands in southeastern Hong Kong, is Bluff Island, Bassalt and Wang Chau, where the natural mountain wall stands, below the abyss.

The former Happy Valley Racecourse was a marshy area today, surrounded by residential buildings, a world class horse race venue. The first horse race held here in 1846 and today attracts many spectators to watch the races.

Neon lamps in Mong Kok are disappearing rapidly replacing energy-saving Led lights. In the decades following the war, neon lights were widely used in Hong Kong throughout the streets.

The Cheung Chau Bun Festival is held every year on Cheung Chau Island. During the festival there is a contest escalating to the top quickly to win a very exciting and exciting.

A picture of Victoria Harbor by Hong Kong photographer Andy Yeung at sunset, the most beautiful moment to admire the beautiful scene here.

Enjoy nice scene of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is not only the beauty of a city, but also the beauty of a tropical archipelago made up of 236 islands and islets and rocky ou...